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Customer Testimonials

Miss Melissa is fabulous with the kids bringing books to life! She is full of excitement, patience and love for the kids!

Erin Taggart

 Miss Melissa is one of the kindest, most caring, most intuitive people I have ever met when involved with small children. If my children were the right age to be in preschool, they be at Melissa's. When they were preschool age, Story Time at the library with Miss Melissa was their favorite part of the week! I love that she still knows all of their names 12 years later.

Katrina Rudolph-Wise

"My favorite thing about Melissa’s teaching style is her approach to “conscious discipline.” It would be a lot easier to simply plop an unruly child in the time-out chair, but preschool is for learning more than letters and numbers. Feelings are openly discussed, not discouraged. And empathy is introduced via real-world experiences (i.e. hitting is hurtful, not “bad”). Melissa is always down on the floor with the kids, playing right along with them. Her crafty projects are so creative; they hardly realize they’re learning. She knows and responds to each child’s individual needs. My son, for example, is easily overwhelmed by the more intense personalities in the class. When Melissa notices that he’s becoming agitated, she invites him to play quietly in another room if he wants to.

I’m really glad that Miss Melissa was his first, foundational experience."

Megan Kendall

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