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Our Curriculum

Miss Melissa’s Preschool offers a wide range of learning, but most importantly, we offer a positive and safe environment for children to explore.

Learning Centers

All children learn in their own way and our program strives to adapt to different learning styles. Each month has a theme and within that theme learning objectives and outcomes will evolve.

Group Discussion

Show’n’Tell and circle discussions promote turn-taking in conversation, build confidence for public speaking, and foster peer relationships.

Art & Creativity

Organized art and open art promote creativity and various fine motor skill development.

Play Time

Free play time provides many opportunities for social and emotional growth between peers and teachers.

Music & Drama

We also offer drama and music. These occur during class time and in fieldtrips to various places within our community.

Kindergarten Ready

Miss Melissa’s does include the Montessori teaching philosophy which is balanced into a play-based curriculum. We also use “Letter of The Week” and the “Kindergarten Assessment” to expose the children to printing and letter recognition in a fun and exciting way.

With knowledge and experience, along with the children guiding the way, we hope to offer a program that promotes learning in an interesting, interactive, and fun way.

For more information on our programs, please contact Miss Melissa’s Preschool or read through our sections titled “What is Montessori?”.

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