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Philosophy and Discipline Policy

Miss Melissa’s Preschool

Is an enriched program based on the educational philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori. It is designed to promote a complete education by developing each child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development using the philosophy that children learn best through play. Montessori learning focuses on the potential of the individual child to grow in all areas with an emphasis on self-motivation, self-direction and self-discipline.

Guidance & Support

The staff provides guidance and warm support as the child discovers for himself/herself the satisfaction and enjoyment of interacting with materials and other children. The resulting satisfaction and enjoyment of learning promotes self-confidence, independence, and positive attitudes that continue through later school years.

Redirection and Conscious Discipline

The Montessori philosophy in conjunction with discipline by redirection helps children develop socially acceptable and appropriate behavior as they grow. Conscious Discipline describes the teaching/learning process by which children develop a consciousness about why they are 

behaving and/or reacting to others. Socially acceptable and appropriate behavior will grow with this understanding. The goal for disciplining is to assist children in developing self-control, self-confidence, and ultimately self-discipline and sensitivity in their reaction to others. A positive attitude is used in disciplining the children rather than condemning the child for what she or he has done. Instead, we show an alternate approach. Redirection is often the best technique to use if we see a child is not able to manage.

To see if the Montessori method is right for your child, call Miss Melissa’s Preschool today!

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